Your Business deserves better let’s give her a lift with Technology

Own a Business? How does having a Marketing System sound to you?
Can we help you analyze your Business to take advantage of the Digital Economy?
How about helping you find a better way to overtake your competitor totally?
Have you ever thought of reducing cost by automating your process with a good technology?

Now, tell us if you will be glad to have a Complete MARKETING SYSTEM that captures every drop of visitors on your website, initiate rapport, indoctrinates, engages, convert and segment your based on your target market?
We want to help you increase productivity, without spending much on human capital. Give us the opportunity to give your business a lift with Technology.

Before you consider taking your Business online, these must be put deeply into consideration:

Digital Automation

For your website to be effective, it has to be able to deliver in your absence, that is automation system must be integrated to handle your communication, engagement and feedback, while your traffic efforts are delivering through your Funnel. The immediate yes response you expect from your prospect can be easily achieved by the integration of Digital Automation which helps in communicating with your Prospect in your absence, even at midnight, exactly as configured to deliver.

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Digital Funnel

Every advert rolled out without a funnel is already a total waste of funds. Irrespective of the offer, you should understand the reasoning of people in your targeted region. We will integrate an attractive funnel with a strategic concept to capture every lead and deliver other process accordingly. In this part of the world, an average person is willing; but will not act immediately until fully convinced. Without a unique Funnel, potential clients are lost daily as your retargeting may not yield the result your indoctrination will.

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Engagement System

If you’ve had a website for your Business before now, but didn’t renew it at the end of one year, it means it was not productive. 8 or 10 Businesses with website don’t make head way with it… They essence of your website is not to write long message about how long you’ve been in Business or the number of awards you’ve won in Business. The number one essence of your Website should serve as a Marketing system. It should be able to engage your audience and present them vividly with their solution, while you concentrate on building your business. Your Prospects are first strangers before they become prospects after engagement and later clients when they find out their solution with you.

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Website Design and

Web Designing has got a lot of ingredients required to get the result it deserves. Skills like: graphic designing, programming, copywriting, search engine optimization, brand building and direct marketing, are indispensable, and these skills TimTech Solutions have got. Because of the heavy prerequisites of effective web designing, the possibility of having cost-effective “in-house” web designers

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TimTech Solutions with a team full of young Professionals offers specialized consulting services in Custom Mobile Apps Development for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, HTML5 and more. We are one of the largest Mobile App development firms serving customers in a variety of industries including HealthCare, Retail, Entertainment, Gaming and Financial Sector. We

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E-commerce Portal

TimTech Solution has gained a lot of experience in developing optimized E-Commerce websites for its clients all over the world. With our expertise and professional approach, we can help any business thrive with an online presence by developing an E-Commerce site that gives their business a boost through online sales as well as giving them

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IT Consulting

TimTech Solution is leading IT Consulting firm of Nigeria and Africa at large with a group of experienced IT professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional services to solve the most complex and critical business problems. At TimTech Solution, we believe our commitment to customer satisfaction and exceptional web solutions are the keys to both

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Reach a Wider Target and Increase Your Sales Through our Digital Marketing Application | First of it’s kind in Nigeria Is your Business crawling, No good means of Awareness, or you have wasted lots of money, time and resources. Do you have a political ambition, Organization or need for self promotion and awareness? Let our

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and Animation

We are expert at offering best quality Graphic Design services that are timely executed and cost-effective. Due to the expertise of our professionals we are offering uniquely created standard and premium designing services as per the needs and demands of the business. Moreover, we design, construct and regularly upgrade the technology on behalf of our

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